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United Faith Ministries International

Is a growing and exciting ministry designed to minister to the needs of the total person in every area of his life.  There is major emphasis on areas such as family life, relationships, childrearing, personal development and spiritual development.

Our Ministry has a commitment to reach the lost and hurting with the love of Jesus through television, radio and other outreach ministries. 

I know that television is the most powerful, persuasive vehicle of our day and I am called of God to use it to persuade men and women to come to Christ and learn of His plan for their lives.

Some of the persons God has sent to this ministry have been wounded by the circumstances of their lives; others have found

themselves standing at the crossroads of doubt and confusion, in regard to their relationship with Christ; yet others are simply looking for a loving caring people. That is why we are here.

Our Purpose is to establish this house as a place of healing and encouragement to all people who are in need of a place to call home, where God’s presence is manifested.